Review: The Wizard Of Oz - London Palladium

What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon... watching a brilliant performance of The Wizard Of Oz!

Sophie Evans was in the lead role today, playing Dorothy perfectly with great vocals in the musical numbers, "Over The Rainbow" was quite magical.

Photo by Keith Pattison
Photo by Keith Pattison
Michael Crawford plays a splendid Professor Marvel / Wizard Of Oz, it is always a pleasure to see him on stage.
With David Ganly, Edward Baker-Duly and Paul Keating playing the roles of Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow respectively, the cast are in fine form.
Hannah Waddingham steals the show though, with a spine-tingling performance as Wicked Witch Of The West, which simply has the audience amazed!

The automated set works well, with various trucks tracking on stage, and a revolve used for the yellow brick road, which is nicely lit by Hugh Vanstone, capturing the sepia moments in the early and latter parts of the show to great effect. Projection is used too, designed by Jon Driscoll and Gemma Carrington, playing a good part in the tornado storm scenes.

Sound for this production is quite remarkable, Mick Potter has done an excellent job. Vocals can be heard clearly at all times, and are well balanced with orchestra. Surround sound adds nicely to the mix, at times it was like listening to a film in the cinema... it was that good!
Photo by Keith Pattison

With choreography from Arlene Phillips, the whole cast are dancing and singing around the stage giving great performances, it is a delight to see.

It's time you went to the London Palladium, follow the yellow brick road and see the wonderful Wizard Of Oz.

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