Interview with... Lauryn Redding - Horrible Histories UK Tour

Lauryn Redding is an actor/musician originally from York, now based in London.
Currently touring the UK with Birmingham Stage Companies "Horrible Histories", we managed to grab a few minutes from her busy schedule...
Photo: Ian Tilton

Hi Lauryn, when did you start rehearsals for the UK tour of Horrible Histories? 
I started rehearsals the day after boxing day. So no rest for the wicked! Full of mince pies and Christmas dinner.

Which character do you play in the show? Is it a fun show to do? 
Well actually its Two seperate shows. Awful Egyptians and Ruthless Romans. In Awful Egyptians I play Maisie. A young, sullen Schoolgirl on a trip to the museum for the day, and in Ruthless Romans I play the part of Ethel, a peasant girl who runs rings round a Roman army. It’s brilliant fun, very energetic and fast paced.

How long does the tour go on for? 
The tour goes on until December, so its a long one!

Along with acting, you also do a lot of music, how do you find the time to do both? 
I am a musician too. It's difficult to juggle but I manage it! I'll often bring my guitar with me on tour, and when ever there’s a piano in a pub or at my digs ill have a little tinkle. I'm always scribbling down lyrics wherever I am, on tour or not. Sometimes being on tour and seeing new places and meeting new people provokes new material I wouldn’t normally find.

You hit the charts in 5 countries with your debut EP and album ‘R’... when can we expect new material?
As I said before, I’m always writing. It’s been a mad few years for me whilst training in London and being on various tours, but I've definitely grown as a musician and a person throughout this time. I'm looking forward to getting into the studio over my eight week gap to put some of my new stuff out there.

Photo: Ian Tilton
If you could act and sing with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 
Hmmmm. Acting wise would have to be either Julie Walters or Meryl Streep…. or Simon Callow… or... I don’t know, so many! Music wise, I'd love to work with Sia or Brandi Carlile… but of course Bob Dylan would definitely have to be top.

What is your favourite production to see at the moment? 
Frankenstein at the National Theatre and Blithe Spirit at The Apollo Theatre are ones to watch at the moment. I also love anything by Kneehigh Theatre Company, they have a production of 'Umbrellas of Cherbourg' at the moment which is apparently amazing. Also a new up and coming theatre company called 'Made From Scratch' are ones to watch! They are taking a show to Edinburgh this summer… look out for it if your up there for the festival.

Photo: Ian Tilton
Who is your favourite actor?
Favourite Actor... HARD question... but I'd have to say Mark Rylance. He's a genius.

And musician?
Favourite musician... Bob Dylan... Hands down

What is your future dream role? 
Scaramouche in We Will Rock You and one day Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers, Nancy in Oliver. I'd also love to play Phoebe in As You Like it at The Globe. It really is the most beautiful stage in the world.

Why should we all come to see Horrible Histories? 
It’s fast, funny and has something that no other show has at the moment... its full of 3D! We work with 3D screens on stage, so the audience feel like they are literally with us. 3D works well at the cinema, but I promise you, on stage - it's UNREAL!

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