Interview with... EXAMPLE

What was it like working with the likes of Chase and Status and Subfocus on your 2010 album ‘Won’t Go Quietly’?
Yeh pretty inspiring. I’m a huge fan of their work. I think their names attached to my project opened some doors for me. People like Skream and Faithless were fans of Kickstarts and as a result I have them producing on my new album

Dub-Step is becoming more main-stream, how do you feel about this?
It’s a good thing. It was always going to happen. Same thing happened with DnB, Jungle and Garage. The underground side of things will still be there. It’s music at the end of the day. There are no rules. Art will always be bastardised whether purists like it or not

What can we expect from your set at RockNess 2011?
Very loud bass and synths, flashy lights and lots of bouncing

What is the best thing about performing at a festival rather than a venue?
Atmosphere is always special. And the UK has some amazing outdoor locations for live music. Loch Ness being one of them

What is in store for us on your upcoming album?
Darkness. It’s called Playing In The Shadows. It’s all about partying and relationships. Nearly al dubstep and trance with a few ballads in the middle to give people’s ears a rest

What surprises do you have in store for RockNess?
I might perform a whole song in a Scottish accent

Did you enjoy your tour around the country with Faithless?
I learnt a lot. I know what I have to aim for

Any tips to be a ‘Pro-festival goer’?
Clean socks. Clean pants. Wet wipes. Sun tan lotion.

How do you think the music industry has changed since you first started making music?
The way people buy and listen to music has changed. When I started there was no twitter, no myspace, no facebook, no youtube and I released on vinyl

What advice would you give to fellow ‘Rocknessers’ about festivals?
I heard Rockness is a bit mental. Maybe wear a helmet

What do you think will be the ‘Summer 2011’ song?
Changed The Way You Kiss Me by Example

Who is your favourite artist/DJ at the moment?
Tyler The Creator

Example Performs at RockNess on the 11th June 2011.
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