Review: Paul Daniels Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - E4 Udderbelly Festival London

Date: 5th May
Venue: E4 Udderbelly Festival, Southbank London

I first remember seeing Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee on the TV, back in late 80's/early 90's when "The Paul Daniels Magic Show" was prime time Saturday night TV on BBC1.
I was only in my teens, and the tricks back then had me amazed... and after tonights performance at the Udderbelly in London, they still do!

Paul is brilliant to see live, I worked with him in Pantomime years ago in York, he kept the backstage crew entertained between scenes by doing the odd card trick here and there, we all tried to work out he did them, but never did.

The audience tonight varied in all ages, proving that he is still a hit today as he was back then... and how does he do it?
Well, the show is all about live entertainment, the comedy, the magic, the nostalgia.
There are no big video screens or camera tricks involved, it's pure live magic, up close and performed fluidly and effortlessly.

Paul's humour is bang up to date with recent news events, along with other gags which never get old!

The way he performs the tricks, sleights of hand, his rapport with the audience, still leave Paul as the best card conjuror in the country without any doubt, and audience participation has always been a huge part of his set, and tonight was no different... With volunteers happily coming forward to be a part of the show.

The audience leave happy, talking about the illusions and laughter they have just seen.

Grab a ticket, prepare to be entertained, as you are in for one of the highlights of Edinburgh Festival.

**Paul is appearing at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh. Sat 7th May - A Salute to the Great Lafayette: 7.30pm
Book Tickets ONLINE or call 0131 529 6000**

Paul Daniels: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow is going to Edinburgh Festival this summer, followed by a UK tour in the Autumn.
Ticket details to be announced soon.