Review: Shlomo & The Vocal Orchestra - E4 Udderbelly Southbank London

A packed out purple cow saw the return of Shlomo and the very talented Vocal Orchestra.

Photo by Jessica Hitchen
A fun evening was in store, as the microphones were laid out... and this is all they use!
No backing tracks, no instruments, just voices.
It blends together miraculously, with simple bass lines to complex drum beats, all done just by mouth.

Shlomo doesn't use his Loopstation gadgetry in this production, instead implementing the loops from the voices of the Orchestra... and sometimes with the help of the ecstatic audience.
Giving parts of the songs to each of the eight members of the ensemble, he would then solo them out, add in new bits, cut, all join in... it just works flawlessly.

Performing all styles of songs from ballads to hip hop, the range of talent on show is stunning.
In part of the show we were taken through a medley of songs from a certain decade, ranging from 60's to 90's. There were some very clever arrangements of songs from the Beach Boys to Black Box's 'Ride on Time' which had the audience up and dancing.
A standing ovation from the sold out Udderbelly crowd, goes to show that Shlomo and The Vocal Orchestra are a small act with a huge sound.
You have got to watch out for these guys, tremendous talent, hugely entertaining, they are going to get even bigger.

Well done to all involved. Brilliant show.

All the members of the Vocal Orchestra have their own solo projects too, find out more on FACEBOOK or over on the website

Photo by Jessica Hitchen