Interview with... OLIVER LEE aka Aiden Scotcher from Waterloo Road

We grab a few minutes with Oliver Lee from the hit BBC series Waterloo Road.

Hi Oli, which is your favourite to work in: TV, Film or live Theatre? 
It changes I have a strong passion for the beauty of film making but enjoy the challenge of tv and theatre and would love to do a big west end play.

What makes Waterloo Road so popular?
We all went to school, its familiar to us and that immediately draws us in. And the luxury of a vast aray of interesting scenarios and characters. Perfect tv gold

How did you first meet your fiance Linzey?
We have been friends for a long long time. I fell in love with her. 

How did you pop the question?
Very romantically but that stays a secret sorry guys. Just for me Linzey and Bow.

You have a wonderful daughter, how are you finding juggling parenthood and work commitments?
Having a daughter is the most rewarding gift in the world every day is a happy day. As for work I just remember everytime. Walk into an audition I am doing it for my girls.

Onto future projects... you are directing a new film called "McQueen", tell us a bit more about it. When will it be released?
Its inspired by 'Rebel Without A Cause' those who have read it say it's 'Blood Brothers' meets 'Shameless'
But first its my short film
'MUG' currently in competition in the Virgin Media Short Festival.
Go watch and vote HERE it stars Waterloo Rd actors!!!! Haha

What can your fans look forward to seeing you in next?
For now I have lots of auditions to do. And pray and hope someone likes and hires me.

Who would you like to work alongside if the chance came along?
Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'


@valerietw - What was Oliver's first professional acting gig?
'Beautiful Thing' at the Bolton Octagon theatre a UK tour directed by the fantastic Mr Marcus Romer. Written by Jonathan Harvey. A beautiful play an honour to work on.

@heatherjcurtis - Oliver, If you could be any cartoon character, past or present, who would you be?
Wow haha Topcat -  I think he's a geeza

@sophie141095 - What do you think of the beautiful Rob and Karen storyline?
Really sweet boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back... Lovely very well performed

@rick_poppa - Oli, are you ever returning to your role in Emmerdale? Cos poor Pearl could do with you visiting her!
I would love to if they would like me back. So who knows.

@nia_meg1234 - What was your favourite episode of Waterloo Road?
I loved Sam's big ep and the Scout story. Well done guys that was lovely

@MegDewhurst - Do you have any funny backstage stories and special memories of your time on Waterloo Road?
The best memory is that me and Linzey got to share so much time together while she was pregnant. We were so lucky

Jake Shurey (Facebook) - What is it like playing the role of someone who has the possibility of being a father to two children, with two different mims? Is it an experience to remember, something that could be used to teach young people the consequences, what are your thoughts?
For me as a father taking Aiden on a journey to realise he now has to man up was very important and a strong message to teen boys out there.

@CindyMartin1605 - How did you get in to show business?
I studied at drama college for 2 years and was a member of a youth theatre. I now work my butt off for auditions lol

@Imogenation - Oli & Linzey what's it like playing an onscreen couple together? Is it completely natural or can it become awkward sometimes?
Linzey is my best friend so its so easy to work with her. We do a lot. My perfect leading lady x

@Thirza_12 - what age were you when you realised you wanted to start up acting?
From very little. I am dyslexic so acting was a subject I felt free and happy when doing.

@XnomsX - Oliver: How long have you been vegetarian?
Around 6 years. I am a true animal lover and feel eating meat is unnecessary and cruel.

@Sarahkgardner - What are your signature dance moves?
Linzey says it pointing my fingers in the air and singing along to the music in her face haha

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