Review: Micky Flanagan 'Out Out' Tour - King's Theatre, Glasgow

"Nobody puts Micky in a corner!" Micky Flanagan's tongue in cheek acknowledgement that his 'Out Out' tour performance was sharing stage space with the current home of the Dirty Dancing set was greeted enthusiastically by the buoyant audience.

With only 11 dates left in his staggering 150 date tour, Flanagan shows no sign of losing any energy for his craft finding humour in the set floor "like my Nan's lino" and poking fun at the Scottish accent. Thanking the audience for being 'Out Out' on a Sunday night and wittily referring to the ridiculous lengths the audience might have to go to in order to get their 8 hours sleep if he kept going beyond 10pm (I have to confess that the thought had crossed my mind about how much sleep I might get depending on the running time!) but by the end of the night I’m sure no one would have minded if he’d kept going longer.

Drawing largely on his experiences growing up in the East End of London, much of Flanagan’s sharp and carefully crafted material is familiar to those who have followed his rise to fame on programmes such as Mock the Week and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow but he saves his iconic ‘Out Out’ joke until the finale.

From the moment he took to the stage with his famous faux Cockney walk to his own twist on the traditional encore, Flanagan kept the audience in the palm of his hand laughing at his observational humour and unique commentary on the human condition. A particularly notable mention is his theory on why teenage pregnancy rates are so high in the UK, an unusual and also somewhat unrepeatable opinion plus I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for those who are planning to buy the DVD which is released just in time for Christmas. Some of the language used is not for the faint hearted and those who are offended by the “c” word should definitely give the tour and DVD a miss. That said, Flanagan is brilliantly funny and well worth going ‘out out’ on any night of the week for.

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