Review: Raul Midón - Union Chapel, London

Raul Midón

Photo by Steve Stubbs
Last night singer, songwriter and guitarist, Raul Midón, stunned the audience at the Union Chapel with his unique approach to soul, jazz and reggae. Premiering the set list for his world tour, his charming humour shone through, leaving the audience reluctant to allow him to depart the stage after admitting he hadn’t managed to fit all his planned material in to the 90 minute set.

His positive, optimistic lyrics were refreshing to hear, the singer even commenting that his management had told him to try writing a song that wasn’t quite so upbeat, giving life to a series of heartfelt yet happy songs. 

Photo by Steve Stubbs
Raul has been frequently compared to Stevie Wonder and last night even spoke briefly of his time meeting him, though the talented songwriter from New Mexico has created his own distinct style – most notably his ability to create a trumpet sound with his lips.

The innovative musician changes between vocals and his trumpet impression seamlessly and if you get too lost in the moment you can completely miss the switch, creating the feeling of listening to an edited album track or having a full band on stage.

His talents don't stop there however, with his song 'Sunshine' showcasing his ability to play the guitar and bongos in unison, whilst leaving himself enough concentration to sing at the same time. He discovered the combination whilst touring with no voice and it gives his music yet another exciting, memorable edge.

Raul promises to be an artist to watch out for, with three albums already out and new music, which he previewed last night, on the way. His tour continues in Europe and America through until 2012.

Review by Louise Miles