Review: Rock Of Ages - Shaftesbury Theatre London

Upon entering the auditorium at the Shaftesbury theatre, you are transported into a world of sleazy US strip joints and a disco atmosphere. 80's rock music playing, disco lights glaring down, the air filled with haze, and bikini bottoms hanging from chandeliers strewn all over the place... what a great set!

Simon Lipkin as Lonny
The five piece band are on stage throughout, and what a great band they are, playing all the poodle rock tracks for this show with great energy, and enjoying themselves up there.

Rock Of Ages is, you guessed it, a Rock/Jukebox musical based upon Sunset Strip, of which is being demolished. The usual love stories, saving the day from the bad guys ensues, following your dreams etc etc. The plot is very thin on the ground, but it doesn't really matter when you are watching the cast working their butts off in this show.

Simon Lipkin is faultless as Lonny, a great voice, comedic faces and timing, he has the role down to perfection.
Oliver Tompsett (Drew) also has stunning vocals, his raw power in many of the songs sending my hair on end (what's left of it), along with the high notes.
Justin Lee Collins (Dennis Dupree) is good on the stage, his vocals not as strong as others, but he gives the songs his all, and the audience love him.

Oliver Tompsett as Drew
Which brings me on to Shane Ward (Stacee Jaxx)... Brilliant! What a great voice, his vocal range is well suited to this style of music, even the falsetto was good!
One more mention from me is to Carly Mercedes Dyer, playing Waitress 1, another fabulous voice, powerful vocals, and boy can she move on that stage with the tight choreography.

Rock Of Ages is full of music from the likes of Whitesnake, Journey, Poison, Pat Benetar, Extreme and loads more, making for a great night of music and performances.
This cast are good at bringing out the energy levels, and making you leave the theatre singing the songs on your way out.

A very enjoyable evening if you like this kind of music, if you don't, then go down anyway as you will be blown away by the energy and performances given to you.