Album Review: Gorillaz – The Singles Collection 2001-2011 (Available 28th November)


The Gorillaz are currently celebrating ten years of hit singles, award winning albums and sell-out tours – not bad for a virtual band. When they first formed in 2001 they faced a large amount of criticism, not only for how a band made up of non-humans could successfully appeal to the music market but for the simple logistics as to how they would tour and perform.

Ten years on and they have silenced the doubters by selling out arenas and churning out hit after hit. What’s even more refreshing about them is that the lack of any human front man removes the bitchy image-obsessed culture that seems to have infected today’s music industry. Their tracks have been both original and influential in making such a bold statement. Equally refreshing is how the band continually gives back to their fans. Having produced three successful studio albums they gave away a fourth for free via internet download in 2010.

Fans will be relieved to see this new singles collection album appear since earlier reports following its announcement sparked fears that the band was separating.  It is a 15 track album of the very best singles, videos and remixes of their career. It has all the old favourites, ‘Clint Eastwood’, ‘Dare’, ’19-2000’ and the more controversially received ‘Feel Good Inc’ (my personal favourite!).

Gorillaz: The Singles Collection 2001-2011 brings together ten years of audiovisual innovation – and is surely a necessary album for any music lover’s collection!

Review by Melissa Phillips