Westlife: For the Last Time

Tonight on ITV at 9.05pm the beginning on the end of an era for Westlife fans continues with their last ever TV special featuring performances in front of a live audience as well as footage from the archive this is a must see for all fans and I've already set my DVR to record it.

As a Westlife fan since they first appeared in 1999 for me this programme is the opening salvo as we head into the inevitable march towards the finale of the Farewell Tour in 2012. I'm not a hardcore Westlife fan by any stretch of the imagination but somehow over the years I've accumulated all their albums, attended most of their concerts in Glasgow and I'll be there next June waving my glowsticks.

I know that some critics feel that this has been a very prolonged split up but for the fans it gives a chance to say goodbye to the band that's been a part of all our lives for the last 13 years but also for the band to go out on a high note. After all, no one wants to see a repeat of the Take That split when helplines were set up or even when Boyzone split which, let's be honest, left a sour taste in the mouth for fans and at least four of the five band members.

Westlife have definitely acquired a bit of a reputation for a penchant for stools and overuse of the key-change but if you've seen them sing live you'll know that these guys are fantastic entertainers with brilliant voices. It's very rare that you can go to a concert and hear the music performed live as well as the CD recording.

Performing show after show on tour it's undeniable that in addition to being great singers, this group are also great friends. Of all the concerts I have been to, only Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band can top Westlife for on-stage camaraderie and banter which is not bad company to be in.

Over the coming months there will no doubt be increased speculation and commentary about the reasons behind the split, yes Daily Mail I’m looking at you, but for me I’ll be looking forward to dancing the night away at the Farewell Tour and enjoying what’s left of the last 14 years in a World of our Own. So grab the box of Kleenex, turn off your phone and get ready for a night of memories with the four Irish boys we’ve come to know and love.

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