KAFKA v KAFKA to be performed at the Brockley Jack, London

Nameless Theatre Company presents:

Based on Franz Kafka’s Letter to my Father
Adapted and translated by Howard Colyer
Brockley Jack, 410 Brockley Road, London, SE4 2DH

At the age of 36, Franz Kafka was driven to write a letter to the father that he feared, addressing his harsh and authoritarian treatment of his son and the humiliations he inflicted on him. The resulting letter, over 100 pages long, was read by his sister and his mother, but not one word was read by his father.

“Dearest Father, recently you asked me why I maintain that I’m afraid of you. And, as usual, I didn’t know how to answer. It was due to my fear of you. And because my fear rests on so many details that I couldn’t even have discussed half of it.”

Based on playwright Howard Coyler’s own critically acclaimed translation of the letter, Letter to My Father, published in 2008, Kafka v Kafka is a moving work about the struggle to communicate. Directed by Leigh Tredger and set in the imagination of Franz Kafka, the play is a retelling of his childhood trials and traumas; as much a self-accusation as an accusation against his father, as much self-examination as cross-examination.

Howard Colyer is a playwright and novelist. His most recent productions include The Overcoat, which had a sell-out run at the Brockley Jack in January 2011, Conference Call, which was selected for LOST Theatre's One Act Play Festival in May, and Homework, which appeared at the Brockley Jack in November.

Company Info:
Adapted and translated by: Howard Colyer
Directed by: Leigh Tredger
Artistic Director: James Farrell
Associate Director: Max Pappenheim
Assistant Director: Anna Nguyen
Stage Designer: Moi Tran
Lighting Designer: Anna Sbokou

Franz: Jack Wilkie
Hermann: Gareth Pilkington
Julie: Jean Apps
Ottla: Ivy Corbin

Kafka V Kafka plays at the Brockley Jack from 17 January to 4 February. Tickets £12 from