Review: Save the Last Dance For Me - Edinburgh Playhouse

Save The Last dance For Me

From the creators behind Dreamboats and Petticoats, Save the Last Dance For Me is a nostalgic reflection of the golden era of rock n roll. Written by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran and featuring the music of Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman, Save the Last Dance For Me tells the tale of two teenage sisters enjoying their first parent-free holiday in the summer of 1963.

As the two teenage sisters, Megan Jones (Marie) and Hannah Frederick (Jennifer) lead the cast and capture their contrasting sibling roles well with Jones cast as the clever, younger sibling and Frederick the older, experienced sister trying to make her way in the world and protect Marie from the pitfalls of holiday romances. The show has plenty comedic elements relying on the subtle differences between US and UK language, for example 'Let's get some cotton candy.' / 'Do you mean candy floss?'.

The majority of the show is set at the bar in the US Air force base near the sisters’ holiday destination and the clever set design brought the bar to life with an over-sized record adorning the floor, a juke box all lit up, plenty of bright lights and a stage where the army men/band sang and played. However, as a result there was a bit of laughter from the audience when the less substantial caravan set appeared as it comprised of the flimsy single wall of a caravan with a small window and a door in contrast to the more substantial bar.

The music is all played onstage with trumbones/trumpets/violins etc all played by the cast and credited in the programme alongside their character name. By having the music played onstage it brings a real rock n roll concert vibe to the show that the audience really got into the spirit of. The audience clapped along with tunes they knew well and while there's a definite age demographic that this show is ideal for, I'm under 20 and I thoroughly enjoyed the music too.

This is a fun, jukebox musical and I really think anyone could enjoy it but for those who were in the teens and twenties in the sixties it’s an absolute must see.

Review by Julie Robson

Until Saturday 4th Feb.
Tue - Sat eves 7.30pm
Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm
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