JAMES MORRISON postpones UK tour and will miss BRIT Awards ceremony


James Morrison recently reluctantly had to postpone the last 4 nights of his sold out UK tour due to a severe throat infection. A specialist has told James that unless he rests his voice he risks doing irreparable damage to his vocal cords .The affected dates will be rescheduled for later this year and an announcement will be made as soon as they are confirmed. As a result of his illness James will now also be unable to attend tonight’s BRIT awards ceremony, where he is nominated for Best British Male.

James said: "I'm so sorry to my fans for postponing those last few nights. It's been an amazing tour and you've all been incredible, but I'm on doctor's orders and need to rest to allow my voice to fully recover. The recent gigs have been some of the best I have ever played and I owe it to everyone who comes to see me to keep up the same standard each night, which would have proved impossible with this throat infection . But I will reschedule these dates as soon as I can.  

I'm obviously also gutted to miss the Brits. It's been an amazing year for British music, I was so stoked to be nominated. And it's always a memorable night out. Sadly, though, it looks like I'll still be tucked up in bed tonight. But at least I can watch it on the telly. Good luck to Ed, Noel and the rest."