Review: Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain - Garrick Theatre, London

Birmingham Stage Company present
Horrible Histories 
Barmy Britain
Garrick Theatre

Friday 24th February 1pm: Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain has landed at the Garrick Theatre, London and I went along to todays performance for a history lesson of a different kind... The safety curtain raised, and we saw the setting of a big whicker basket centre stage, and two smaller at the bases of lamp posts which had costumes strewn over them.

Photo by Jane Hobson
We are taken back in time for an episode of Roman Mankychef, where we learn how to impress our guests with putrified fish guts and roasted dormouse. Along with the sound effects, it is very funny to watch.

There are a fair few characters brought to life in this production, such as Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes, Florence Nightingale and General Earl Haig. Benedict Martin is brilliant to watch with his rubbery Mr Bean style face, especially in the part of Alan Sugar in the 'World War Apprentice' - this was hilarious.
Lauryn Redding is in top form, doing many voices, and makes a fine Anne Boleyn. Lauryn's facial expressions, along with comedy timing really are a treat to watch on stage.
Add to this lots of singing, dancing, audience sing-a-longs and competitions, and this makes for a very entertaining production from both performers.

It is only an hour long, but it goes through at a good pace. You learn all about the various characters, and you will remember how many wives Henry VIII had with a great little song to sing along to, and the fate of Guy Fawkes in the quiz show 'Who Wants To Blow Up Parliament?'

Photo by Jane Hobson
Do you know how many crimes you could be hung for? Well you can find out when you go and see this. A thoroughly entertaining show for kids and adults of all ages. Don't miss it!

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Dates: From Tuesday 14th February 2012
Times: Wednesday – Friday 1pm; Saturday 10.30am, 12 Noon; Sunday 3pm, 5pm
Press Performance: Friday 24th February, 1pm
Tickets: £14.50, £12.50 & £10
Box office: 0844 482 9673
Running time: 1 hour
Recommended age: 6+