Review: Havana Rumba – E4 Udderbelly, Southbank London ✭✭✭✭

Havana Rumba
 E4 Udderbelly, Southbank 

The big purple cow at E4 Udderbelly was definitely ‘well-done’ this evening due the sizzling hot fusion of music and dancing happening inside it.

Havana Rumba takes the audience through a music and dance fiesta of Rumba, Salsa and Reggaeton with the occasional lacing of rum for both the performers and some fortunate audience members. 

Cuba’s legendery salsa band, Sonora La Calle, provided the party atmosphere for the show with their hip-wiggling beats and sizzling energy, alongside Juventino “El Chico Divino” from Charanga Habanera, Cuba’s sizzling hot Timba supergroup.

The dancers perform with sensuality and vigour, bringing the audience a quick background to Cuban dance styles and we are reminded that Rumba is the people’s dance. The ensemble take part in a selection of different numbers, the women with their diva personas and the men with their energy, but those containing Eric Turro “El Maestro” were a particular treat.

Eric Turro is known to be the King of traditional Cuban Dance and star of Buena Vista Social Club and Osvadys "the DON of Reggaeton" from the Streets of Havana, star dancer of Los Van Van and Afro Cuban All stars. He demonstrated moves with ease whilst oozing charm and a real passion for his trade. His clever party trick was definitely something to watch out for.

Towards the end of the hour-long show, the cast had us all up on our feet dancing, singing and wiggling our hips to the beat. Who needs to travel to Cuba when you can experience such authenticity and entertainment inside a big purple cow in London town?


Havana Rumba runs until 8th July

Review by Philippa Bellis