Steve Wozniak headlines the Turing Festival

The Father of Technology meets the Founder of Technology

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Inc. is delivering his first keynote speech in Scotland at the Edinburgh Playhouse on Thursday 23 August as part of The Turing Festival and celebrate the life of the founding father of technology, Alan Turing. Wozniak will talk about his life at Apple, entrepreneurship, his autobiography iWoz and the future of computing and the web.

Wozniak will headline a rich programme of speakers, from National Geographic Explorers presenting scientists & adventurers and Raspberry Pi talking about the revolution in education to CERN discussing the advance in nuclear research and lawyer David Allen Green and Security Engineering author Ross Anderson talking about the real security of our online activity.

The Turing Festival is a collaboration between the European Open Innovation Project, Edinburgh City and Interactive Scotland and will bring the world's leading innovators and technologists together with artists, performers, scientists and entrepreneurs to debate and discuss the impact of technology on humanity and the future. A 3-day festival running from 23-25 August taking place across various venues in Edinburgh, the festival will explore the ways in which technology is affecting all aspects of culture and society.

Dr Jamie Coleman, Director of Turing Festival commented:

"Edinburgh in August is where the cream of the world's creative community come together in the largest cultural festival on the planet. The Turing Festival brings the global digital community to the heart of this event in a celebration of computing and the web"

Turing 2012 promises to be the not to be missed highlight of the festival calendar, combining an array of business, professional development and educational sessions within this years’ programme.

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