Backstage Pass Interview: Kerry Ellis


Backstage Pass were delighted to catch up with West End star Kerry Ellis as she prepares for not only her own show at the London Palladium on 12th May but the 20th Anniversary RENT concert tour as well as the second outing of the Born Free tour with Queen’s Brian May. 

How are the preparations coming along for your show at the Palladium?
Really great thank you, I am so excited about this show, it’s a celebration of my career so far and a concert for the people who have supported me over the years.

What’s the biggest challenge when choosing songs for your set-list?
It’s all about balance I think, I always like to do something new and exciting to make it interesting for people. The biggest challenge is finding new ways to perform songs I have sung a million times. I like a challenge though so it's all fun and games.

What's the one thing that you would like the audience to take away at the end of your concert?
I just like everyone to have a good time. If I can move or touch them in some way that’s a bonus but essentially I want us all to have fun.

You’re heading out on tour with the RENT anniversary and Born Free concerts, are there any venues you particularly look forward to performing in?
I love touring, its wonderful to be able to take shows to people's home towns; I think it’s really appreciated. I love to see new places and visit places I don’t get to see every day.

RENT has an extensive fan base, like Wicked, do much-loved shows with strong followings create added pressure for you?
I don’t think it's pressure as such; as long as you have a good show you're proud of hopefully the audience will feel the same. This show is a celebration of RENT we are just sharing the music and story with people.

Are there any plans to bring Born Free to Scotland?
I know we were trying but I’m not sure if we have found a venue. I love Scotland in fact we both do and had a great time there with Anthems. It will be nice to get up there with RENT.

You have an extensive fan base, do you find that social media makes it easier to keep in touch with them?
Absolutely, I love twitter, it gives you a real sense of connection with people, It’s always nice to hear what people think too.

It’s been a while since we last saw you on the West End, are you focusing more on music at the moment or is it simply that the right show hasn’t come along yet?
I love being in the West End and have been fortunate to be there many times with great shows. I would love to do another show but the right thing hasn’t presented itself yet, I hope it does. I do love doing my music and concerts too so I’m fortunate I get to do both. Long may it continue.

Your first album, Anthems, was released in 2010 have you another album in the pipeline?
Brian and I are actually working on a live album at the moment from the last tour; we really found a new way of working and thought it should be documented. We are also working on a studio album, which should follow that.

What’s next for you once you finish the Born Free tour?
The world is my oyster! [laughs]

You can find out more about Kerry Ellis’s current projects by visiting  or by following her on Twitter:  @kerryjaneellis1 To buy tickets for her concerts at the New Wolsey Theatre on 18th March [17th March is sold out] visit their website: Wolsey Theatre