MOVIE NEWS: Limited Offer! Iron Man Suit available to purchase

Real Iron Man Suit launches on
‘Eau de Stark’ also available for hard-core fans

London, April 1 2013: For the first time ever a fully functioning Iron Man Suit has been developed and is now available, exclusively from Firebox, the world’s greatest retailer. Combining existing military electronics and incorporating new, highly experimental technology, Firebox has created a safe-mode version, giving consumers an opportunity to truly feel like Ironman, without the hassles of saving mankind. Modified for consumer use, the suit has been stripped of all weapons technology, but flight mode and the integrated sensory systems are all still fully functioning. For legal reasons a full waiver must also be signed, indemnifying Firebox in the unlikely event of injury or appearance of arch-nemeses.

As part of a top secret project, Firebox is also supremely excited to introduce the brand new Tony Stark fragrance Eau De Stark’. Distilling the very essence of Iron Man it combines wit, intelligence, courage and arrogance to create the ultimate fragrance for anyone aspiring to be a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”. Plus, each bottle is crafted from recycled pieces of used versions of the Mark XLVII suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the film. An extremely limited run of 100 bottles actually contains a single drop of Robert Downey Jr’s sweat (collected under sterile conditions during the filming of Iron Man 3).