Gig Review: The Boxettes - Jazz Cafe, Camden ✭✭✭✭

The Boxettes
Jazz Cafe, Camden

16th May 2013: So what happens when you get five female beatboxers together on stage, using only their mouths to produce an hour of music? Well you get a rather outstanding performance from five incredibly talented ladies, that's what!

The Jazz cafe in Camden is world renowned, and I can see why... Renowned for being tiny and hot in this instance, with the audience bunched together like sardines in a sweat box. But that doesn't spoil the evening you have ahead of you when The Boxettes glide down the stairs and onto the stage, picking up their microphones and getting straight into the action.

The Boxettes ooze style and talent, combining effortlessly with their lush harmonies and rattling bass noises. World Champion beatboxer Bellatrix is amazing at doing the drum kit sounds, the snare as tight as a tight thing! The ranges in vocals blend nicely together, with Alyusha Chagrin in incredible form (who I recognise from The Vocal Orchestra days). Kate Brown, Neo Joshua and Yvette Riby-Williams have huge amounts of passion with their performance, and all the girls take it in turn to do main vocals throughout the night, along with changing mics now and again to do the dirty bass! The raw vocals from all on stage are just awesome to hear.

The Boxettes write their own music, and the night was awash with various tunes like Stung Like A Nettle, a standout performance off Hattie, and even an improvised number about Charlie and a Chicken laying a little egg!

Puppet On A String is the girls new single which was released this week, you can watch the video below. If you get a chance to see them in action, do it! Miss them at your peril.

Four stars ✭✭✭✭