Gig Review: Sophie Delila - Jazz Cafe, London ✭✭✭✭

Sophie Delila
Jazz Café – London

Review by Christina Benneworth

Thursday 13th June: The French singer songwriter Sophie Delila takes to the stage at London’s iconic music venue the Jazz Café and joining her on stage was a full band. With just the ground floor opened to the general public, the room was actually quite full. And we were all in for a treat, as Delila provides the audience with some great vocals, a master class in song writing and a great live performance.

Songs from the night included Bound To Fall, which has been released as a single and available to purchase on iTunes. Quite a lot of Delila songs are written about break ups and also about friendships falling apart, they are very cleverly written, a different take on a topic that has definitely been sung about, almost refreshing. These songs included the tracks My Life Could Use A Remix and What Did I Do (which was a personal favourite of the night). One of the songs In My Bed was written with the help of a friend the audience and is about a time that you are having a dream about a person, but waking up and having someone else in your bed. This song was another favourite for me, and involved the audience helping out with some ‘oooos’.

We were also treated to her well-known cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds, there are a lot of covers of this song floating around the Internet, but this by far has to be one of my favourites.

Nearing the end of the gig, we were treated to Delila and a member of the band creating a song right on the stage; by using a loop machine, you very rarely get to see artists using a loop machine, but it is always great to make a gig special and I love seeing music being made. Great touch. I also do love a good band backing a singer, it gives you an opportunity to hear the songs properly, the way they are meant to be heard.

Delila without question is a great singer and a great songwriter, I’m sure we will be hearing more things from her throughout the year, especially as at the gig she announced her album will be released soon (looking forward to hearing it). The team here wish her all the best.

Four stars ✭✭✭✭