Review: Cirque du Cabaret - London Wonderground ✭✭✭

Cirque du Cabaret 
Review by Unsa Chaudri

Once again the Southbank Centre plays host to London Wonderground. Voted best newcomer in the 2012 London Cabaret Awards, here was my chance to see what all the hype was about.

I arrived at the Southbank Centre only to discover that the Udderbelly was actually based just to the side of it. Perfectly placed between the London Eye and the Southbank Centre, it’s easy to find – just look out for the big purple cow!

As we queued there was a lot to take in, from old style fairground rides, to posters, to lights, to the atmosphere, all reminded me of what I would expect at a local fairground, something we don’t seem to see much of.

We were soon ushered in and chose our seats, some were reserved, pay an extra £5 and you can beat the queue and be granted a wonderseat.

Elle and the Pocket Belles were the first act to greet us. Elle the lead vocalist and her four Belles sang a few songs including an adaptation of Aerosmith’s Walk this Way and their own original songs. They sang vintage swing and modern pop adding their charm to each performance. I thought they were really fun to watch and would have liked to have heard more from them.

To the delight of some, next up was burlesque. I’m not a fan but to each their own.

Felipe followed with his height defying act. He was impressive and daring, with his gymnastic routine, showing us his strength.

The fire eater was up next. She played with fire like it was of no consequence, directing it where she needed.

Save the best to last and that’s just what they did. Craig Reid aka the Incredible Hula Boy was the last act of the night. Dressed as Elvis, Craig hula hooped to the amazement of the audience. He was fast, flexible and truly fantastic to watch.

I left the performance thinking he stole the show for me.

The Cirque du Cabaret is fun and light hearted with some great performances. They say no two shows are the same, so it would be worth checking them out and seeing what surprises they bring.