Theatre Review: Rocky Horror Show - King's Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭

The 40th anniverary "party production" of the Rocky Horror Show stormed back into Glasgow last night, making a triumphant return to the King's Theatre after delighting audiences in February.

Even on a sticky Tuesday night, the audience was ready to party decked out in suspenders, basques and gloriously detailed Columbia and Frank n Furter costumes. As the pre-show announcements echoed round the theatre there was an audible groan of disappointment when politely asked not throw things at the stage but the groans quickly gave way to palpable anticipation as the beat kicked in.

The fast-paced volley of heckles began as soon as Brad [Ben Forster] and Janet [Dani Harmer] took to the stage. It's always interesting to see the show through the eyes of Rocky Horror virgins and the stunned commentary from the row behind me as the word "SLUT!" rang towards the stage was hilarious. The diminutive Harmer captures Janet's naievity but there is something undeniably disconcerting about watching the former child star singing "Toucha toucha touch me I want to be dirrrty"!

In an unusual twist the narrator is played by Christopher Luscombe who is also the Director of the 40th anniversary tour. As the Glaswegian audience rained insults and retorts on the stage he simply wryly replied "It's going to be a long night!". It takes a strong will to wrangle a Scottish audience once they get going but Luscombe wrangled the audience and dragged them on with him. One of the key attributes of any Rocky Horror narrator is the ability to allow the audience to participate but without it detracting from the production and Luscombe walks this fine line expertly. 

Kristian Lavercombe's commanding performance as Riff Raff elicited a rock concert reception. Channeling the very best of the original Riff Raff Richard O'Brien, Lavercombe produces an impressive performance and manages to bring his own touches to the iconic role. True fans of the show will struggle to find a single fault in his interpretation.

Frank n Furter's imminent arrival drew squeals of excitement usually reserved for One Direction and as Oliver Thornton strutted down the stage the audience went utterly wild. Thornton read the audience well pausing in all the right places to draw out the
The set still leaves much to be desired but the cast more than make up for the spartan set. Their energy and authentic portrayal of these beloved roles ensure that the party production lives up to his name. As we said in February, it's always Saturday night in the theatre when Rocky Horror is in town with the circle bouncing to the Timewarp so catch the party before it Time Warps away.

Rocky Horror is at the King's Theatre until 10th August. For tickets and information visit 

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