Review: Cirque du Soleil - Quidam - Royal Albert Hall ✭✭✭✭✭

Royal Albert Hall

Cirque du Soleil really need no introduction. One of the best and biggest producers of theatrical entertainment in the world, with the highest standards of circus acts imaginable. With this in mind, I excitedly went along to the Royal Albert Hall for the London premiere of Quidam - and I was not disappointed one bit!

The acts on show are some of the most jaw-dropping and awe inspiring pieces of professionalism you will see this close up on stage for years to come. The German Wheel for starters is difficult enough to balance in, never mind do tricks in. I've had a go at doing the Diabolo (two sticks linked by string on which a plastic spool is balanced, tossed in the air and juggled etc)... and it's not an easy thing to do. But Wei Liang Lin is a master of this art, his ingenuity and dexterity is amazing - how he does three of them at the same time is beyond me.

Julie Cameron shows power and finesse as she gracefully intertwines with red silk in her aerial contortion act. The music has an ethereal vibe to it, which adds to its complexity and helps create a haunting atmosphere. This is promptly followed by dazzling choreography with skipping ropes, and aerial hoops, and the end of act one is completed with juggling skills from Patrick McGuire.

The second half of the show shows skills such as Hand Balancing and Spanish Webs, but the highlight for me of this half is the 'Statue' act - Yves Decoste and Valentyna Sidenko have got to be two of the strongest and flexible people I've seen in a while. The way they lift each other in almost slow motion, the dexterity and balance they show is second to none. Again the music adds to the powerful feel of the piece, jaws yet again dropping around the auditorium.

Toto Castineiras' clown act provides a light segue before the finale... Audience participation is called upon for some hilarious moments on stage where he gets members of the audience on stage to act out a film - huge round of applause for the participants on this one.

Finishing the show off with a Banquine act, most performers are on stage at this point for human pyramids, spectacular acrobatics and perfectly precisioned choreography. It's a shame the show comes to an end, as the whole cast, live band and crew have given London audiences a thrilling show to watch.

Go and book a ticket without delay, you will be mad to miss this wonderful show!

Five stars ✭✭✭✭✭


Dates:  4 January – 16 February 2014
Venue: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP
Performances are Tuesday-Sunday, for full schedule visit           
Box Office:  0845 401 5045
Ticket prices: Adults from £20 Children (12 & under) from £14 Military, Seniors & Students (valid on select shows) from £18
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