Gig Review: Basement Jaxx - O2 Arena London ✭✭✭✭✭

Basement Jaxx

O2 Arena, London 

11th December 2014 - Basement Jaxx at the O2 Arena can only mean one thing, one massive party. Spanning a career of 20 years Basement Jaxx treated the crowd to some of their best music, showcasing the best in British electronic music. The duo, Felix Buxton and  Simon Ratcliffe definitely know how to get a place moving.

One of the support acts on the night was Ella Eyre and she definitely has a new fan. This girl is definitely one to watch. Even though the arena was still filling ready for the main act to take the stage, Eyre had such a great way of commanding the sage and drawing attention to her performance. Songs included 'Comeback', 'If I Go', 'Deeper' and Rudimental's 'Waiting All Night' which she featured on. Ella Eyre without any doubt will be headlining at the O2 arena in the future. 

Basement Jaxx took to the stage, the first song blasting through the speakers and bringing to the stage; Basement Jaxx main singers, Vula Malinga and Sharlene Hector was 'Good Luck' from the album 'Kish Kash'. From this point on the party had started, the crowd didn't stop moving throughout the whole show. The atmosphere was electric, the music didn't make you move your feet it made you want to move your whole body, there was no chance of sitting still.

Songs from the night included 'Romeo', 'Oh My Gosh', 'Jump N Shout' and 'Do Your Thing' and the Grammy nominated 'Never Say Never'. The set list reminded you exactly how many songs Basement Jaxx have created in their career, you were reminded just exactly how great they are. Felix Buxton moved on from keyboard to vocals; just before the encore, for the amazing 'Where's Your Head At', the whole audience were singing and moving to make for one great moment of the night. 
Welcoming Basement Jaxx on to the stage for their encore, they started with 'Rendez-Vu'. The encore also gave Vula and Sharlene the chance to introduce the members of Basement Jaxx who had performed throughout the gig. The night finished with the samba sounds of 'Bingo Bango' and even though the whole arena was still moving the night had come to an amazing finish.

Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe this year released the new album Junto, proving that they still have what it takes to keep the younger and older generation moving. With a show of dancing, singing and new music there isn't a better time to see Basement Jaxx and the proof was in the journey home, happy smiling people! One epic concert.