Theatre Review: The Sound of Music - King's Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

 Review by Siobhan Brennan

It's 1930's Austria and Maria Rainer is failing miserably in her quest to become a nun, feeling more at home in the mountains and often getting into scrapes - much to the dismay of the rest of the convent. When a telegram arrives from Captain Von Trapp looking for a new governess for his seven children, Mother Abbess spots an opportunity for Maria to experience life outside the abbey.

Danielle Hope gave a winning performance as the show's leading lady Maria, playing up to the character's twee Mary Poppins-esque personality traits perfectly. From the first bar of the title track you can tell Hope is vocally fit for the challenge and her fellow co stars are no different. Watching the relationship develop between Maria and Captain Von Trapp played by the talented Steven Houghton was a joy. There was no chink in the armour where the Von Trapp children were concerned, all seven harmonised excellently together and filled the stage with vibrant energy. Special mention to Grace Chapman who managed to capture the naivety and vulnerability of Liesl while still conveying the characters inner strength. Jan Hartley gave a particularly stirring rendition of Climb Every Mountain which evoked cheers and applause before the song was over.  

The layered sets were impressive for a touring production allowing for smooth transition between scenes and the talented orchestra played their vital role beautifully in bringing the well known songs to life. Whether you're 16 or going on 70 you'll be sure to enjoy this much loved, timeless show.

The Sound of Music is at the King's Theatre until 28th February. For tickets and information visit