Movie Review: Robot Overlords (In UK Cinemas March 27th) ✭✭✭

Robot Overlords

In UK Cinemas March 27th 

Jon Wright is competing with the Hollywood blockbusters with his new sci-fi film Robot Overlords.

Based in England, robots rule the streets and the people are locked in their homes while they conduct some weird experiments, stepping outside risks being vaporised by giant robots. After accidentally finding a way to overcome the robots' tracking devices (which are implanted behind their right ears), a group of kids escape on a mission to find one of their fathers. However hot on their heels is human collaborator Robin Smythe (Ben Kingsley) and head robot Mediator 452 (Craig Garner).

The film is being advertised as an action adventure film, paying homage to the films of the '80s and then packed with a huge amount of special effects. This is sort of true, but you do get the feeling that they haven't quite reached their desired target audience, with some crude jokes and darkish moments it would suggest that it would be rather for a teenage audience than a family audience. The humour in this movie does feel a little bit awkward at times, almost trying to force you to laugh, just leaves you asking yourself why bother?

The whole movie is a great achievement and probably would have been quite a tricky film to direct and produce, but it is also a movie that concentrates highly on the giant CGI robots (which are great, very well done), the battle scenes and the other sci-fi moments. Concentrating on this aspect is probably where the movie flops a little, because you lose interest in the characters and you don't really want to get to know them. At the prospect of all of them being killed you don't really feel for them.

Not a perfect movie, but it does have its moments - the Mediator 452 is a creepy villain, it's a fun and a good take on a family-friendly sci-fi genre. A good crack at beating Hollywood, but comparing with something like the Marvel franchise this movie doesn't even scratch the surface. However Robot Overlords throws you back to the sci-fi films of the '80s and that's not always a bad thing.

Robot Overlords is out in UK cinemas now.