Theatre Review: Dead Simple - Theatre Royal, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

Based on Peter James' best-selling novel of the same name, Dead Simple tells the tale of Michael Harrison, a Brighton property developer whose stag do begins as a night full of pranks but turns into a nightmare of deadly twists.

Directed by Ian Talbot, this sinister piece lures the audience in and keeps them on the edge of their seats throughout. Michael Taylor's masterful set design creates a paradise seafront apartment / dark forest hell parallel universe that's sure to haunt the dreams of even those with a sturdy constitution. 

Featuring more twists than a ride at Alton towers, the able ensemble cast keep the audience guessing until the fading scenes. Friend or foe? Truth or lie? Lover or killer?

As tormented Det. Supt. Roy Grace Gray O'Brien commands the stage with Marc Small, playing Det. Sergeant Branson, providing much needed light relief with superb delivery of more comedic moments. Central trio Michatl Harrison (Jamie Lomas), Mark Warren (Rik Makarem) and girl in the middle Ashely Harper (Gemma Stroyan) capture the audience in a whirlwind of deceit. Lomas's plaintive screams echo around the theatre while Makarem and Stroyan stun the audience with the calculating meticulousness of their roles. Their collective chemistry weaves a web that ensnares the unsuspecting audience. Josh Brown's portrayal of collateral damage Davey Wheeler is haunting while Sarah Baxendale's, sadly underused, Zoe Frame brings light and hope in a piece that looks into the dark abyss of the very worst of human nature. 

A nail-biting thriller from beginning to end, Dead Simple is certain to jangle the nerves. Buy a ticket to ride this theatrical rollercoaster...if you dare!

Dead Simple is at the Theatre Royal until Saturday 23rd May. For tickets and information visit