Theatre Review: The Producers - Theatre Royal, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

Outrageously funny and definitely not one for the easily offended, The Producers breezed into Glasgow this week. The show takes a tongue in cheek look at the life of a Broadway theatre producer. Max Bialystock is a down on his luck producer when he meets accountant Leo Bloom who muses that there’s more money to be made from a Broadway flop than a success. Before you can say “Break a leg!” a madcap adventure begins to produce the worst show in Broadway history.
Cory English is a tour de force as shifty Bialystock, always in search of his next “chequey”. His outstanding performance of Betrayed is worth the ticket price alone. Jason Manford creates an almost puppyish interpretation of the naïve accountant who balances English’s on the brink of reason Bialystock perfectly. As a duo they create a crackling energy which brings the stage to life and keeps the audience on their toes. Ross Noble brings the house down with his bonkers Franz Liebkind. He teeters on the edge of madness and leaves the audience in stitches. David Bedella shines as Roger de Bris and his camp, glittering performance of Hitler needs to been seen to be believed.

Although the pace stutters slightly in places it’s a laugh out loud romp and it’s impossible to leave the theatre without catching yourself humming Springtime for Hitler - however inappropriate in a public place! See it while you can.

The Producers is at the Theatre Royal until Saturday 20th June. For tickets and information visit