Review: Slava's Snow Show - Royal Festival Hall ✭✭

Slava's Snow Show

Royal Festival Hall

17th December 2015: It's not often I get to take my niece to see a show, she is nearly six years old and was very excited about seeing this show. Unfortunately when it came to the interval, she was very bored and didn't really know what was going on... and to be honest, neither did I.

Having read a few five star raves, I was intrigued to see what the fuss was about. I really don't get it all. Okay, yes Slava the clown is very talented, but there is nothing to keep you entertained constantly throughout. There are odd moments of madness including the audience with big balls and a spiders web, but even my niece didn't think it 'was particularly funny' in places - I mean, starting the show off with a noose? This is a kids show for crying out loud.

Don't believe the hype you may have read, this is show is half an hour long each side of the interval, and the finale of a huge blizzard powered by a wind machine and lots of paper is thankfully an exciting end to a very lacklustre show.

I'd give this a miss - spend your hard earned cash on a decent show elsewhere.

2 stars ✭✭

Runs until 3rd Jan 2016