DVD Review: VISIONS ✭✭✭



Visions is the latest film from low budget horror production company Blumhouse, who brought us such films as Paranormal Activity, The Purge and Insidious. Visions is about an expecting couple who move to a beautiful, rustic vineyard for a fresh start after being apart of a tragic car crash. Mother-to-be Eveleigh (Isla Fisher, Now You See Me) starts to experience strange happenings at the vineyard. Upon explaining to her husband David (Anson Mount, Safe), the visions are just put down to nothing more than her reluctance to take her depression medication since the beginning of her pregnancy. Desperate to prove her sanity, Eveleigh hunts down locals who reveal the haunted history of the vineyard in which she now resides. But as all the pieces come together the most dramatic twist is revealed, which in all fairness you don't really see coming. 

This movie moves pretty fast for a horror movie, normally you have to wait around watching for ages for something to actually happen. But not with this movie pretty much 10 minutes in you're already treated to some strange going-ons, which in some cases is what you want but sometimes the fastness feels a little forced.

With a strong cast you can only hope for some magical moments, which in some instances they do come along now and again, however you can't help feeling at the end a tad bit disappointed especially when comparing to Blumhouse's other movies. 

Isla Fisher portrays the vulnerable pregnant role very well and because she is pregnant you worry for her almost instantly because a pregnant woman in a horror movie isn't something you normally see (perhaps too close to the bone). Jim Parsons (Cooper from The Big Bang Theory), features slightly in this film, it would have been nicer for him to have a slightly bigger role as he is such a great actor. 

With a few questionable scenes, some good acting and a twist of plot, this film is worth watching if you do like horror, but probably only to watch the once.