Theatre Review: American Idiot - King's Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭

American Idiot is set in a post-9/11 world under George Bush’s reign and tracks 3 childhood friends looking for more than their small town has to offer them. While Jimmy stays at home preparing for impending fatherhood, Tommy and Johnny hit the road in a bid to find a better purpose in life. Things quickly don’t go to plan when Tommy joins the army and Johnny turns to drugs, and all three end up right back where they started. 

From the moment the curtain lifts the cast is bursting with energy as they take on the vigorous choreography with ease and belt out one hit song after another. The dialogue is minimal with the story told entirely through the songs, which may make it difficult to engage the non-hardcore Green Day fans. The casting fits the show well with Newton Faulkner and Amelia Lily as particular stand outs. Faulkner seems at home on the theatre stage with his soulful voice shining during the acoustic songs. Lily's 
vocal performance is powerful but her character, as well as others, lacked depth which made investment hard.

The politically charged musical succeeds in bringing the Grammy award-winning concept album to life. There’s no denying the songs are well written and have life in them yet, but the show seems more like a well produced tribute to a good band than a long standing theatre production.

American Idiot is at the King's Theatre Glasgow until Saturday 4th June. For tickets and information visit ATG Tickets.