Theatre Review: Wonderland - King's Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

Alice's 40th birthday isn't going to plan. A stolen car, a lost job and an ex-husband she can't get over are just some of the things contributing to the worst day of her life. In the middle of a rant to her daughter, Ellie, Alice is given the opportunity to leave the real world behind and enter the world of Wonderland - a place which is home to people who are not what they seem, and a looking glass that has the potential to change her life for good. 

Rachael Wooding is vocally outstanding as leading lady, Alice. Her voice is powerful and effortless from the very first song and doesn't disappoint throughout both acts. Wooding's portrayal of the struggling single mum is honest and refreshing, so much so that you are rooting for her success from very early on. Wendi Peters has a small role as the Queen of Hearts but makes a big impact - vocally strong with good stage presence, her experience really shows. Special mention to John Finnemore as the voice of the looking glass, who skillfully generates many laughs with the limited lines he has. 

The soundtrack is a mixed bag - there are some songs that stick with you, but others feel like filler tracks that may have worked better as dialogue. Overall, Wonderland delivers a talented cast, an interesting story based loosely on Lewis Carroll’s well-known and much loved novel, and a giant escape from reality. What more could you ask for from a night at the theatre?