Keep the summer going with Natty Rico's Summer Vibe

French artist NATTY RICO is a multifaceted talent: not only is he a top DJ, he is also a world- renowned sax player, performer, composer and remixer! His fresh, feelgood, single "SUMMER VIBE" is Out Now.

His musical journey started when he was 7 years old - studying music - but also later going to business school where he graduated at 19. He then studied Law followed by graduating in International Communication in Washington DC. These are subjects that have proved useful to him in the world of music He says himself: "I love business, communication and music. I think there is a link between it all". In 2007 Natty started to play in clubs as SAX ONLY alongside DJs but then, in 2013, he created a new performance concept: becoming a DJ SAX PLAYER PERFORMER. With this new concept in mind, David Guetta gave him the chance to open for him at the POUPET FESTIVAL in 2013. Natty has since travelled the world many times over playing major clubs and festivals. He is also a producer and remixer and has worked on thousands of remixes (official and unofficial) and produced hundreds of tracks for many different artists across the Globe.

Now NATTY RICO is back to help us feel the summer sun on our faces as we head into Autumn with the single "SUMMER VIBE". The inspiration for the track came when Natty was driving in perfect Californian weather with the top down on his car in LA. He heard the melody of a ‘summer vibe' in his head but decided something was missing. Back home in Corsica, where his mother's side of the family come from, he played the track again on the beach and decided to add some summery sax - and the single was born. The track aims to help us feel good, energised, in summer party mode with a big smile on our faces.  As Natty says himself:

"The track SUMMER VIBE is about a feeling. I wanted people to feel that when they listen to the song, anytime anywhere, they feel like it's the SUMMER, even if they have snow around them, or rain!