Theatre Review: The Comedy About a Bank Robbery - Theatre Royal, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

The latest from the comedy minds behind The Play That Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Mischief's Theatre's The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is a departure from the 'Goes Wrong' format and a move towards more traditional farce. There are no hapless thespians just would-be robbers with a dream and a nod to classic American slapstick.

Set in the 1950s, this madcap adventure starts with a slow burn while the plot and audience orientate themselves. The premise is set around criminals escaping from prison to stage the audacious robbery of a valuable diamond from a small time bank in Minneapolis.

Punctuated by musical interludes from the era, performed exquisitely by the ensemble cast, the comedy both physical and verbal is slick, demanding the audience keeps pace to have any hope of following the plot. Particularly excellent is the scene where Sam attempts to remain concealed in Caprice's apartment. The dexterity and sheer brilliance of the trio creates a wonderful scene that delivers laugh after laugh.

While the plot does occasionally lose momentum, the overall comedy and incredible work by the entire cast delivers a refreshing, memorable night out. It's almost unfair to highlight individual performances in a piece that relies so heavily on the hard work of the full cast but as 67 year old intern Warren Slax, Jon Trenchard is simply wonderful and the physical comedy displayed by George Hannigan as Everyone Else is a masterclass.

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is destined to keep audiences laughing around the country and is the perfect antidote to the dark winter months ahead. It would be a crime to miss it!

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is at the Theatre Royal Glasgow until Saturday 10th November. Visit ATG Tickets