Theatre Review: We Will Rock You - Theatre Royal, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

We Will Rock You is at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow for nearly three weeks to ensure that it’s a rockin’ Christmas for all this festive season. Tickets for the smash hit Queen and Ben Elton musical are flying out the door and it's clear that their iconic music still captures the imagination of fans both young and old. This latest iteration of the show is re-imagined and there is certainly changes from its predecessors to the set, characters and lines but the rock remains at its heart.

The dystopian society depicted in the show now feels very familiar with the residents of the iPlanet focused on their virtual lives and instant gratification. Outcasts Galileo and Scaramouche don't fit in, are the words that Galileo hears in his head the key to a better life for all? However, the plot is truly secondary to the music which is the real star of this show. Freddie Mercury is a tough act to follow when it comes to the vocals of this unmistakable music and the cast certainly have been well selected for their amazing voices to take on these challenging songs.

Ian McIntosh and Elena Skye are a formidable Galileo / Scaramouche pairing. McIntosh's Galileo is pitched well as vulnerable with an incredible voice that channels Freddie's energy. Scaramouche is an acerbic character with arguably some of the best lines in the show and Skye plays her superbly with vocals that are astonishing.  Adam Strong is Killer Queen’s unfortunate underling Khashoggi and he is a fabulous foil to Jenny O'Leary's Killer Queen. Strong and O'Leary energise each other as the evil duo and there is definitely a festive dash of pantomime villain to Khashoggi.  Michael McKell's Bohemian Leader Buddy shatters the fourth wall and nails the aging rocker vibe, he keeps the audience laughing with pronunciations of "historic" items that to younger members of the audience may in fact seem ancient relics already.

The cast take on these incredible songs as if they are easy and it is a credit to the entire ensemble that they make it look so effortless to produce such magical notes. Featuring powerhouse songs such as I Want to Break Free, Somebody to Love, A Kind of Magic, Who Wants to Live ForeverHammer to Fall and, of course, Bohemian Rhapsody the audience is left thrilled.

The rapturous audience soaked up the finale while dancing on their feet and generations united as young and old sang word perfect along to Bohemian Rhapsody. The beating heart of this musical is Queen’s music and it is a delightful piece of escapism, much needed in the current climate. So for a guaranteed rockin’ treat this winter visit the Theatre Royal.

We Will Rock You is set to rock Glasgow until 28th December 2019. Tickets are available via ATG Tickets with additional performances added recently.