Review: Horrible Histories The Awful Egyptians - New Wimbledon Theatre London

New Wimbledon Theatre
Tues 24th May

Horrible Histories, from Birmingham Stage Company, is currently on a nationwide tour, and set foot in to New Wimbledon Theatre last night for the week.

With audience ages ranging from 8 to 80, this is a show that entertains, a history lesson you will not forget in a hurry.

With a funny, pantomime style script in places, the cast do a fine job at keeping the pace up to keep you interacted with the stories being told.
Michael Moulton playing Rameses, his voice reminds me of Simba's father in The Lion King, powerful yet not too scary for the young people in the audience.

Lauryn Redding is in fine form, her facial expressions and comedy timing are sheer perfection, and her singing is fantastic - especially when having props thrown on to stage at her during one of the numbers - for me one of the highlights of the show.

Luke Broughton and Gary Wilson are also doing fantastic work, playing many parts with various voices, and keeping the audience engaged.

An interesting back drop for this show are the visuals being projected... in 3D Bogglevision!
This works incredibly well, it was making me duck in my seat at a few points during the second half.
At times it does look like you are watching a 3D film, with the actors engaging with the film, and it looked stunning, giving the sense that they were in the film, stood behind scorpions and boulders, when clearly it was all 3D projection. A great sequence is when they are running through tunnels, it looks mind boggling.
Hats off to the designers, a great piece of visual theatre which works incredibly well.

Horrible Histories is pure family fun, and it was being greatly received by the audience this evening in Wimbledon.
And with a great cast, fantastic set, and audience interaction, this is live entertainment at its best.
Go and see it as soon as you can... you will not be disappointed.

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