Review: Les Miserables - Queens Theatre, London

Les Miserables
Queens Theatre - London
Monday 16th May - 7.30pm

Taking my seat in a sold out Queens Theatre, I waited with much anticipation for the start of Les Miserables, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Jonathan Williams played a fine Jean Valjean, his voice very powerful and reaching a great range. Helen Owen played Eponine, bringing across great passion to the character.

The whole Ensemble work together well, with great renditions of “At the End Of The Day”, “Master Of The House” and “One Day More”… “Do You Hear The People Sing” being one of the highlights of the show, very invigorating.

But for me, “Bring Him Home” was superb, with Williams captivating the audience with his voice. Outstanding.

Smoke filled the stage, dispersing to show the set of a revolve and 2 trucks that’s came on from either side and intertwined well to make barricades and towers, finely lit by David Hersey using an array of 8 lamp DLC’s, Varilites and generics, with 6 beamlights as followspots dotted about the stage.

The sound was good, Andrew Bruce designing, and the orchestra on top form led by Musical Director James Dodgson.

A standing ovation at the end of the show, and very much deserved. The whole cast and crew doing a great job, and at three hours long, it keeps you engrossed from start to finish.

A great night out, Les Miserables is on at the Queens Theatre in London’s West End. 
Go see it if you get the chance.