Review: Avenue Q at the King's Theatre, Glasgow

Glasgow is famous for its Hampden Roar and last night Avenue Q was welcomed into town with the noisy, delighted King's Theatre Roar. Currently enjoying its first UK tour, this is the musical's first visit to Glasgow and the audience lapped up every second of it.

This is not your usual family friendly touring musical; don't assume that because there are puppets that this show is suitable for your 6 year old. With a puppet dropping the f-bomb within the first song, this show is for grown-ups in search of a fun night out. A blend of laughter, just enough rudeness and scenarios so familiar to all of us gives Avenue Q its soul and there's a lot more a puppet can say and get away with than we can!

Laugh-out-loud funny with cleverly crafted comedic observational songs such as If You Were Gay, Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, The Internet is for Porn and Schadenfreude the musical has comedic chops. The hard-working cast breathe life into the puppets, some play 3 different characters each with their own unique characteristics and sometimes 2 at the same time, now that's talent.

In the puppet camp, Rachel Jerram’s Kate Monster is a beautifully complex character, defined by perfectly placed movements that make it impossible not to love her but then effortlessly turns her hand a moment later to Lucy the Slut, the polar opposite. Rachel was in Avenue Q in London as understudy Kate Monster and it’s plain to see why she was cast as the lead for the tour. Adam Pettigrew brings a wonderful humility and vulnerability to both Princeton / Rod while Chris Thatcher’s boundless energy and fun factor shines through Trekkie Monster / Nicky and the Bad Idea Bears. Katharine Moraz is ever-present in a number of roles, becoming each of the characters with ease and subtle movements that perfectly reflect other cast members’. Matthew J Henry, Edward Judge, Jacqueline Tate are individually and collectively hysterical as Gary Coleman, Brian and Christmas Eve who all have just as many issues and problems as their puppet friends.

What makes Avenue Q stand out from the touring production crowd, aside from the puppets, is its integrity, humanity and heart. By being funny and using observational humour, it tells human tales without seeming trite. There is a moment for everyone in Avenue Q where they feel “that’s me” or “I’ve been there”. Sadly Avenue Q is only in Glasgow “For now” so make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to see this hilarious musical with a big furry heart.

Wed 29 – Sat 2 July
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