Review - Shrek The Musical, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London

Wednesday 15 June 2011
We have seen a few films recently that have been adapted to the stage to great effect, Sister Act worked flawlessly, along with recent outing The Wizard Of Oz.
On this occasion though, Shrek The Musical isn't quite yet working to its full potential.
It is the same storyline as the first Shrek movie, which was always best of the four Shrek franchises, Ogre rescues Princess for the Lord to marry, only to find they love each other and end up getting married for a happy ending.

Nigel Lindsay is superb as Shrek, the prosthetics and costume looking wonderful. He has a great scottish accent for the role, and a singing voice that suits all the numbers.

Amanda Holden is a lovely Princess Fiona, with a voice to match, hitting those high notes nicely, and has a lovely dance routine with the dancing rats, showing off her musical theatre skills.

Donkey, played by Richard Blackwood, lacked the musical theatre voice and enthusiasm that the role needs. The character didn't really connect with Shrek as he should, leaving me wanting more from this performer, which I am sure over time will develop, as he could be really good!

Star of the show for me was Nigel Harman as Lord Farquaad. He has the audience in stitches with his take on the character, played on his knees throughout, has a great voice in the musical numbers, and has great stage presence.

With a great ensemble doubling up some of the parts, they are great to watch, all the characters are there, Three Blind Mice, Three Pigs, Pinocchio and even the Gingerbread Man.

But what steals the show in the first act is the magnificent Dragon!
A great piece of puppetry that fills the Drury Lane stage, and voiced beautifully by Landi Oshinowo... I won't give much away but you have to see it to believe it.

With some great stage effects, a drawbridge that comes out from nowhere, lots of automation keeping the pace moving, and lit nicely by Hugh Vanstone, visually it is a stunning show.
With an original score, apart from the finale I'm A Believer, the lyrics are clever and rather entertaining, along with innuendos from other shows in the West End... watch out for a Les Miserables bit!

Overall, it is a good family show, I can see Shrek The Musical potentially being a hit in the West End, it just needs some more ironing out, otherwise Shrek will fall on his ass!

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