Summertime is here with the re-release of "Sunshine Summertime" by IDLE DANCE

Sunshine Summertime - Idle Dance 
The soundtrack to your summer!

It’s summer, it’s warm, and the time to stretch out after a long hard winter is finally here. 
Two South London producers felt the need to celebrate, and the result is the stunning single from Idle Dance ‘Sunshine Summertime’

Alex Parsons – better known for his underground house and techno remixes under the guise of Agent Toga, and Sandy Nuttgens, a former Perfecto based Skipraider, have created the perfect track to go with those balmy summer evenings. Whether you are starting on a night out, or returning in the wee small hours, ‘Sunshine Summertime’ has the power to set the mood, blending catchy vocals and acoustic guitar over bouncing dancefloor rhythms. 
It’s funny how the world seems a happier place when the sun shines, people smile at one another, and shed the inhibitions of their winter clothes. Summer in the city, when people free up and head for the nearest green space to share music and food and hang out with friends. Idle Dance have captured the moment..

So here’s to sun, summer, good times, and above all, kicking tunes.

Idle Dance – ‘Sunshine Summertime ‘ is re-released NOW & Available on iTunes, Amazon, HMV and all good download retail sites.