IMOGEN HEAP - Propeller Seeds - The First Audio 3D Song Available Now!


“Propeller Seeds” aka “HEAPSONG2”

The First Audio 3D Song


Following on from Imogen Heap’s ground breaking first song “Lifeline”, from her work in progress 4th solo album, “Propeller Seeds” aka “Heap Song 2” continues Imogen’s innovative approach to music and songwriting as she creates the first 3D audio song.

“Propeller Seeds / Heapsong2” is available exclusively on Imogen’s website from today and available through other digital retailers on the 17th July.

Listen to the track here:

View the video here:

Imogen has partnered up with Nick Ryan to push the limits of ‘sound’ and ‘song’ to a new place. Nick Ryan is a multi award winning sound designer, composer and audio specialist. He has sound designed and composed extensively for Film, Motion Graphics, Documentary, Interactive Media and the Orchestra and consulted widely on the future of sound and music. Whilst working with the BBC’s ‘Imagineering’ Department as a futurologist in 2004 he won a BAFTA for ‘The Dark House’, a groundbreaking interactive binaural (3D audio) Radio Drama which he co-devised, scored and mixed live on air on BBC Radio 4.

He and Imogen have explored the idea of using sound to enhance the experience and narrative of a song alongside 'conventional' words and music. Listeners will actually be “inside” the song, as if they were in Imogen's shoes, which will happen around them in 3D audio.

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