BJORK Releases New Single 'Virus' on Biophillia App

Bjork : Virus

Björk continues to roll out Biophilia with the release of the “Virus” single through One Little Indian and as a special feature of the Biophilia App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, available through In-App Purchase. Both are available exclusively on the iTunes Store and the App Store 

“Virus” is an original song and new feature of the Biophilia
App that explores the relationship between biological virus as part musical instrument, part sonic artwork, and part scientifically informed educational animation. It may be played in song-mode to watch the life cycle of a virus or played in instrument-mode to create music. In “Virus” infectious agents attack a central cell. Biological and musical processes unite as with each stage of the virus’s life cycle a new song section is heard. The app feature starts with a large cell surrounded by others floating on screen. Small viruses appear, latch on to the cell, and inject their DNA. The strands amass and penetrate the large cell’s nucleus, then the viruses replicate. The song is complete once the cell is destroyed. The user may watch the animation of the song to see and hear the viruses multiply or touch the viruses, flick the nuclei in the cells, play sounds from the song and create original music. 

In addition to the song the “Virus” feature includes the linear animation of the virus life-cycle, the musical instrument, an animation of the music, scrolling notation that can be used karaoke-style, and a written analysis by Sheffield University’s Nicola Dibben that explores Björk’s inspirations for “Virus.”

“Virus” was created by Björk in collaboration with interactive artist and app developer Scott Snibbe. “Virus” is also available as a single, exclusively on iTunes.