Review: BBC Comedy Prom with Tim Minchin - Royal Albert Hall, London (watch clips here)

A full house at the Royal Albert Hall for the first ever BBC Comedy Prom.
The BBC Concert Orchestra were in fine form, with Tim Minchin hosting the evening.

Tim gave us a witty definition of where the word Prom comes from... apparently it is from the word Promenade, a fizzy drink made from Promegranites and lemonade... Henry wood loves it!
Guest artists made up a an evening programme, which appealed to a wide range of musical and comedic tastes.
Sue Perkins conducted the orchestra for a number of pieces, after her win on 'Maestro'.
BBC3's Mongrels performed a a very witty puppet show to accompany Sue's conducting.

The Boy With Tape On His Face did a funny interpretation of 'Lady In Red' and  Rossini's William Tell Overture, even enlisting in the help of an audience member with toilet seat and loo roll for the big finish.

Next up was Kit and The Widow, whose thirty year partnership see's them at their best this evening.
With a song about Andrew Lloyd Webber and how he 'steals' his music from other people, this is hilarious stuff, followed by a funny Sondheim piece.
They were joined on stage by Susan Bullock, one of the world's most sought after sopranos, who sang The Boyfriend by Sondheim.
This was followed by a 'Curry-oke', an audience Karaoke of Nessun Dorma with the words replaced by the names of various Indian food... this was incredibly funny, with the whole audience singing along.

The second half seemed to slow down in pace a little, beginning with Danny Driver on Piano, competing against the orchestra playing different notes in places.
More from Kit and The Widow, they came on and did 'The Swan', a lovely piece for piano and voice, followed by Mud Glorious Mud, again the audience singing along.
This then gave way for Tim Minchin to do his thing on the piano, singing the 'F Sharp' song and many others.

A wonderful evening of entertainment, thoroughly enjoyable, and a wonderful addition to the Proms line-up.