Review: The Mother - The Scoop, London

Photo by Sheila Burnett
Bertolt Brecht's The Mother has been translated by Mark Ravenhill, and for this production an added rock music score helps the proceedings along.

What with the world population seeming to be striking and demonstrating more in todays society, this piece of theatre reflects the revolution, and how an ordinary person can change the ways through protest.

The Mother - Pelegea Vlassova, is played by the brilliant Nicky Goldie, amazing to watch, the character portrayed brilliantly and effortlessly.
After seeing her activist son treated badly, she listens to his friends issues and frustrations, and when the group is persecuted, she is inspired to take up his cause herself.
We are taken through a journey of political and regime changes, a lot like we are seeing in the world today.

Photo by Sheila Burnett
Another stand out performance in this piece is The Butcher, Hadrian Delacey in fine form with true grit behind the character.
The rest of the ensemble slot in incredibly, with great acting and singing from the whole group, and the rock score by Theo Holloway and Richard Norris works on most occasions.

The only issue I have with this play is that being in the open air, it does start getting dark after 8pm, so the acting area really should be lit, it does help if we can see the actors when they are on stage, a lot of the time they were in darkness when speaking which wasn't good.

Overall, a fantastic piece, highlighted by the superb acting once again by Nicky Goldie.
You really do have to see this in action.

The Mother is showing at The Scoop, London at 8pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until 4th September.