Review: Napoletango - London Coliseum

‘Napoletango – Latin Neapolitan Musical’ - London Coliseum
Created and directed by Giancarlo Sepe
With an original theme by Luis Bacalov

“All dancing the Tango, in Naples, and it’s immediately NAPOLETANGO.” (Giancario Sepe)

Passion, intensity and yearning were the themes of this Neapolitan dance show. Everyone longs to dance the tango and it takes over all aspects of their lives from eating, showering, sleeping and dreaming.

Strict dance teacher Maddalena Praticò (Elisabetta D’Acunzo) assembles her dancers with shouted Italian commands and claps of her hands. It is evident that Maddalena is a woman who knows what she wants and lives and breathes the Tango.
The remaining company consist of character’s from all walks of life who share the same passion of wanting to dance the Tango including a blind man, who traces the stage with his hands as the company circle it, and others who want to be able to express themselves through this art. 

The various scenes were introduced with a surtitle but to find out what was really going on, I felt I had to rely on the lengthy synopsis in the program. I was also glad that the Italian speech was surtitled.

After a first act of scenes reflecting the preparation for a Tango show, including a nude shower scene, I was anticipating that the second act would be the show itself with high quality dance numbers. Unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed with there only being three. The only number with quality Tango dancing was ‘Argentine’, a couple’s dance where legs intertwined. Even then I thought something was missing but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

If you are expecting to see a ‘dance show’ then you may be disappointed by Neopolitango, but read the synopsis and you will have more of an understanding what the company are trying to portray.

Napoletango runs until Sat 6th Aug. Book tickets HERE

Review by Philippa Bellis