Review: Cinderella's Eyes - Debut album from NICOLA ROBERTS

Nicola Roberts debut album 'Cinderella's Eyes' popped up for a listen today... and it's a promising start!

Beat Of My Drum, and current single Lucky Day open the album, Lucky Day is a great catchy number, which has been doing very well in the charts for Nicola.

Yo-Yo shines nicely, giving Nicola the chance to show off some of her great vocals in this powerful anthemic pop song which will stick in your head for a while.
Title track Cinderella's Eyes takes you back to the early sound of Girls Aloud, with an 80's feel from the synthesisers and drum machines, and Porcelain Heart, with it's twinkling music box style opening, is another easy to listen to pop song.

The only track I don't like on this album is called i... it starts off with a Japanese sounding guitar, then more come into the fray sounding out of tune, it's slow, and just doesn't work. The vocals go far too high for the track, and even though Nicola can hit the notes, it doesn't meld with the song.

Moving swiftly on, the rest of the album makes up for the one erroneous track previously.
A nice cover of The Korgis Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime, and then onto the highlight of the CD, 'Say It Out Loud'. This track is great, has good pace, a powerful chorus, and not over produced.

Gladiator, Fish Out Of Water and Take A Bite bring the album to a close, with final track Sticks And Stones finishing it all nicely, a slow melodic pop ballad giving you the behind the scenes life of being in a pop band

Overall, a great album from Nicola, great vocals, some good writing, and well produced.
Cinderella's Eyes is released on Monday 26th September.