Review: 'Everything Vibrates' - Debut Album From THE YOUNG RAPSCALLIONS

The Young Rapscallions  
Debut Album “Everything Vibrates” 
now available on iTunes

Getting into a new band can sometimes be difficult – most of us stick to what we know. But every once in a while something new comes along and it’s as though you’ve been listening to it your whole life. Enter The Young Rapscallions, a four-piece band from California who have just released their debut album “Everything Vibrates” which is now available for download on iTunes.

They label themselves as “garage rock” but their sound is more of a blend of influences that include rock, blues and punk. The album is a mixture of different vibes. The more laid back tracks make use of a chilled out blues guitar and the up-beat tracks switch between awesome rock riffs and heavy metal style drum mashups. 

One of the best tracks on the album is “Tread This Water”. On first hearing it brings a bit of Hollywood grunge to the album. It wouldn’t be out of place as title track in a Tarantino film. I need them to remake Kill Bill just to fit it in! 

Another track worthy of a mention is “Newbury Park Riot”. It is completely instrumental with a funk meets metal vibe. It’s one of the shorter tracks but holds it own as a stand-alone track.

Often the move of a Hollywood actor to music is met with heavy criticism and an air of suspicion. Chris Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist from Kick Ass/McLovin from Superbad) however seems to be bending these rules. Instead of demanding centre stage he takes a backseat as drummer. He’s just doing what he loves doing and for that he earns my respect. This isn’t just “Chris Mintz-Plasse’s band” this is just a band that happens to have Chris Mintz-Plasse in it. And what a band it is!

Melissa Phillips