Review: Lee Evans - 'Roadrunner' UK Arena Tour - Wembley Arena

A sold out Wembley Arena welcomed the return of the ever popular and always funny Lee Evans.

Lee has that unmistakeable energy, the funny faces and voices which tell a story in only the way he can.
Opening the show with a funny video, Lee enters to rapturous applause, and he goes straight into his madcap comedy and story telling with a frenzied passion.

With tales about his lovely wife applying make-up in the style of Phantom Of The Opera, being at weddings, eating in restaurants, loud music in shops, babies, IKEA, airports, car breakdowns and more topics are all talked about in the physical style that only Lee can do, and he does it marvellously.

But not only does he tell jokes and anecdotes, he also writes music and sings, and he sang a lovely song at the end of the show on his custom built piano, the audience loving it.

The set looked lovely, circular white floor with trim lighting up, and nice cylindrical chandeliers adding a touch of flair, the top of the second half showing off the lighting skills of Sara Burns and her team (for any lighting bods out there, Sara is using a ChamSys desk on this tour).
The sound was great, very punchy which is what you need with Lee and the way he uses the microphone to add to his observational comedy.

Lee Evans Roadrunner is on a huge Arena Tour around the UK until November.
If you haven't got a ticket yet, get yourself down for a fantastic night of fun and laughter.