Review: Natalia Kills debut album 'Perfectionist'

After dropping through my letterbox this weekend, I've been having a listen to Natalia Kills debut album Perfectionist.

Natalia was born in Bradford and started out as a teen actress before turning her attention to music. She moved to L.A. in 2008 and was signed by that year with Interscope an Cherrytree Records.

The album in't too bad, quite similar in style to Lady Gaga and Jessie J, with the electro pop sounds we are all familiar with, and extra electric guitars adding to the mix giving it a sort of 80's sound.

'Free' - current single which was released on 12th September and featuring -  is an anthem that sticks in your head, Natalia's vocals proving strong and energetic.

'Broke' is a slower pop ballad, which shows off Natalia's voice even more, and is by far one my favourite tracks on the album.

At times though, tracks are too over synthesised and the voice is distorted with vocoders which are unnecessary - 'Nothing Lasts Forever' being a prime example of this, it's not the strongest of songs, and the way it has been produced just doesn't work - back to the drawing board for this one i think.

Overall, a decent album, worth a listen, I can see Natalia Kills doing well in the future.

Perfectionist is released today.